Opiniones de estudiantes

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“Spanish learning es un programa muy organizado y profesional. Las clases son excelentes. En la familia me encontré muy bien y la ciudad de Salamanca me encantó. He quedado muy contenta y se lo recomiendo a los demás estudiantes”. 

Jolene Meunier (The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh)

Now that I have been here for a over a month, I just wanted to let you know how things are going with Spanish Learning in case you need a reference for the company for future students studying abroad here. I am sooo thankful that I decided to go through Spanish Learning! Paco (Javier) has been a tremendous help and he has eliminated any doubts that I could possibly have about studying here. He stays in contact with me every week (at first every day) to make sure that my living arrangements, food, and academic needs are being met. He really wants us to have the best possible experience here. If I have a problem, I have his cell phone number and I can call him at any time for help. He also has really gone further than I could´ve expected from him…He also makes sure that I make the excursions with Cursos Internacionales and informs me of all the other events within Salamanca that I have the ability to visit. The first couple of days that I was here he made sure that I was familiar with the city and gave me helpful advice about the different locations that are good for me to go to as well as those that could be potentially dangerous for me. He always looks out for our best interests. Also, my parents decided to come and visit me and he is helping me make all the arrangements for them which isn´t really part of the program-but a huge help to my family. I would definately reccommend this company for any future students who want to study in Salamanca. It is very trustworthy and like having family here in Salamanca with you“.

HollyWaterstreet. University of Wisconsin Oshkosh


“Spanish Learning is a program I am grateful to have had when I came to Salamanca for the Fall ’06 semester. Having never before been to Spain, it was nice to arrive and have everything organized, from my classes to my place of residence. The program’s coordinator was fantastic and was always available when I needed help. Working with Spanish Learning definitely made adjusting to a new culture and language that much easier”.

Dana Blado, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Studiare e vivere all’estero è sempre un’esperienza indimenticabile, l’unica che permette di imparare davvero a fondo una lingua e di conoscere e comprendere la cultura del Paese. Ma è anche un’esperienza fondamentale per la crescita personale, per mettersi alla prova e conoscersi meglio. Spanish Learning offre la possibilità di fare tutto questo in una città bella e a misura di studente come Salamanca, in una Università antica e prestigiosa, con professori di alta professionalità ed esperienza e con tutta la sicurezza di un programma che ti guida e resta un punto di riferimento per risolvere qualsiasi tipo di problema durante tutto il soggiorno. In poche parole: te lo consiglio! 

Veronica Pancino (Italia)